VPS has a partner-driven sales model, where key strategic referral partner relationships are established and these partners source, qualify and refer client leads to VPS. VPS then works directly with the referral agents to explore, analyze, define and propose the appropriate solution(s) and close the deal. Clients are then boarded on the agreed-upon processor/acquirer platform(s), all while utilizing the VPS hosted payment services for transaction acceptance.

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Partner Types

Merchant Service Providers

An authorized financial service that allow a business to accept credit card or bank debit card transactions using online ordering or point of sales systems. This financial service is a direct processor, meaning the company processes all transactions in-house rather than utilizing a third party processor.


Independent Sales Agents as Resellers - The term “reseller” in credit card processing can be used to signify a person or entity that is selling the merchant account services of another organization, or processor. Resellers can be individuals in the form of independent sales agents, subsidiaries, partners, technology and hardware providers, or other independent sales organizations.

Entities as Resellers

Financial Institutions - Other organizations that act as resellers can run the gamut with the type of businesses they conduct, and may also have their own independent sales agents. Financial institutions often provide a suite of services to their business clients of which VPS is one.

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